Press Release 12-06-07

Environmental Ethics Meet Movie Production
Garden Club Goes Green

The latest movie filmed in Louisiana left very little environmental impact on the state,
in fact that was the plan all along. "When we gave the green light for this movie
to be made," comments producer Payne Williams, "that's exactly the color
we wanted for this project. An objective during filming was to leave as small a
carbon footprint as possible, and we succeeded admirably, I'm happy to add."

Shot in the historic city of Natchitoches from August-October 2007,
The Garden Club is based on the novel written by co-producer, Robert Deblieux,
"Preservation is a key word in this town, whether it's history or the environment,
so we wanted to go about filming as unobtrusively as possible."

Caterers without Styrofoam, lighting without generators, and computer animation
for the arson scenes are just a few of the ways the production reduced its carbon footprint.
"I guess the trickiest part was the lack of gaffer's (duct) tape.", explained
director of photography, Daniel Graves, " I've never worked on a movie that didn't use it.
In fact, I don't know if there has ever been a movie made without it since its invention,
but the stuff does last forever and, normally you use tons of it."

"We're saving our impact for the big screen!" continues Williams,
" Post-production has begun and we're well on our way to being finished by spring.
It's not really that much harder to make a movie with environmental ethics,
you just have to think around some obstacles."