The Garden Club
Production Staff


Author Robert DeBlieux with screenwriters Payne Williams and Daniel Graves
on location during filming The Garden Club. DeBlieux and Williams produced
the movie in association with Graves production company, Eyewitness Fiction.

His career as a small town mayor and nearly four decades in historic
preservation made him the perfect person to pen a novel about Southern
social circles, and the power they have in a community. Having written hundreds
of articles on history and preservation, the Garden Club is his first work of fiction.

Author and screen writer Payne Williams is a graduate of Tulane University
and holds a Juris Doctor from Louisiana State University Law School. He has
written four books and as many screenplays, of which one has been optioned.
This is his first feature to be completed, but with two other projects in development,
it's just the beginning.

Daniel Graves began Village Research Production Group in 1991 and has yielded
12 documentaries since that time. The Garden Club is the first feature length
production for the entertainment branch of his company, Eyewitness Fiction.
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